The Lack Thereof

Four letters. One word. Seven billion definitions. 

Love, babygirl. 

What is it? 

Have you even seen it, purely, selflessly? We get glimpses, never perfect, but true.

It makes my stomach turn, the lack of it. 

Action without love. Words without meaning. Smiles without emotion. Preaching without belief. 

Ha. Now you understand. 

What is a church without love? An empty building, leaders blind in self-righteousness, hard hearts and desperate prayers to a God choosing to stay on the fringes. 

I am tired. Exhausted. Unhappy. 

Preach what you want, see what you’d like. I do not know why I am here anymore. 

Too much sadness, babygirl. 

Ain’t no comfort for the wicked. 

Church ain’t no place for the sick no more. 

3/26/17 KMA


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