La Femme Mystere

Who is she? 

Short, for one. Definitely not the James Bond heroine in a sequined ball gown. Oh, no. She’s far too young for that, and painfully average. And still, she has no identity. No ID or SSN, no criminal record beyond breaking young hearts and being a general nuisance.

And still, what makes her tick?

She’s peculiarly feisty for one with such a lack of authority to her name. What is her name, anyways?

Little Cricket, KK, Babygirl, they’re all names we’ve found for her, but none that are her. You understand?

Let’s take a moment and review what all we know.

1) She is short. (Duh).

2) She is young.

3) She is a fighter.

What else?

Oh, we’ve heard she smokes like a banshee. Traces of cigarette ash can be found on the toes of all her shoes. She puts them out and lights them up like she can ignore the fact that the cancer’s already in her blood. So:

4) She has no regard for surgeon general’s warnings.

Oh, and she’s a quitter. She’ll fight like hell but when the hammer drops, it drops. End of story. The available public records date back to 2013, when everything she did fell off the face of the earth. The latest instance is from the files of last week, when she left an altercation and just let it go.

5) She’ll give up when given the chance.

Oh, to add to it all, there’s a void in her life. This is the only real weakness we’ve found in her. The void she fills with members of the opposite sex, people who can give her attention and time when she needs it. A communications consultant for an insurance company has diagnosed this, and it can be verified through several accounts. All the details are in the file.

6) She has a weakness for attention.

And still, with all of this information, we know nothing. She remains, the teenage femme mystere, the hormonal enigma of drama wrapped in lies wrapped in emotion, and logic is nowhere to be found. I guess she’s just a riddle wrapped inside a mystery inside a bitch.

We may never know more.



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