A Belated Easter Post

The Good news is the Good News. The bad news is the Good news. And the news? That’s fake news.

No, but really, the Good News isn’t free. The Good News costs more than currency, more than a dollar tossed in the direction of newsies on city corners.

The Good News cost one whole life. Temporary for Eternal, that was the exchange 2,000 years a go. I know one whole life seems easily forgettable in the light of today’s terrorist attacks and bombings over cities we can’t pronounce.

But maybe it will mean more when you realize it was an act of lies, the very opposite of justice.

Can you acknowledge that? That an unjust death has stained your hands lifted in worship? Although I’m not sure stained is the right adjective.

See, this “unjustice” is packaged as a Gift. As Good News, through and through, the cornerstone and foundation of an entire belief system is based upon this death.

Congratulations, believers, no longer will you need to slaughter livestock in the middle of church because you lost your cool and became profane. Congratulations, you may now sin as often as you like without paying the physical price. Not anymore.

The Good News is the Good News. The bad news is the double-edged sword of the Good News.

This perfect being, resurrected throughout the universe, is continually being thrown under the bus. Rejected, words twisted, forgotten in a single heartbeat.

He died without justice, rose like an ethereal phoenix, and is now being twisted without truth to clothe hate in false righteousness.

He promises a day of justice. One day to right the wrongs. One day.

Patience happens to be a virtue. Patience without disenchantment. Patience to face the day and the unjustice and the moments where things are not painted black and white.

Patience to believe, be grateful, find the truth and clutch it to your heart to keep it safe. Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of evil.

Guard the truth.

Give the truth.

Go, in truth.


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