Manic Pixie Dream Girl Probz

The devil is a good friend, someone to keep me sane until he leaves like we all do. 

He has let the world get to him, too, expected more out of life than what will ever be given. He is quiet about it, subtle when the sadness sinks in. Last night was a glimpse. For both of us.

It is so hard to be a manic pixie dream girl when she’s a fucking joke with no punchline. She just helps the main character find what was lost in the world and disappears.

But I am not a one-sided character. I’m sad, too. But I can’t be.

Happiness is fleeting and it is my job to prolong it. My job to make the world a vast adventure until curfew sets in and worried parents reinforce the reality.

I want to be a dream, a figment, a lost boy.

And somehow everyone else disappears instead.


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