The Purpose of Little Cricket

“Thank you for saving me from myself, I didn’t know what I was doing.”

On a small slip of paper lies little cricket’s purpose. She didn’t quite have one before. The focus was on adventures, laughter, reliving the childhood lost in All The Bad. But there is a purpose now, for however long until it fades again.

June. Right?

Ignore the timeline, little cricket. Quit making yourself scarce. You’re going to hurt either way, I believe, so you might as well hurt together. Misery loves company, and all that hullabaloo.

The funny thing is that the background blurs out when we’re around each other. No matter where we go, I am the reaper and he is the devil, and we are incredibly awkward. Unmistakably so.

It’s strange to think that he thinks that he knows me so well. The end goal was to be the unattainable dream girl, except here I am being attained and not minding any second of it.


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