Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall in Love

His eyes are so captivating.

Present. Like you are the only one he wants to hear, that all of him has one focus; you.

He’s got an easy grin. He is safe and brave and honest, and even though he is just a boy, he is more than I ever thought possible.

That’s what surprises me. Out of every relationship, the men- no, babygirl, the boys- I chose to associate myself with all stood for one feeling or another.

Adoration to the point of obsession.

Happiness to the point of clouded manipulation.

Steadfast to the point of absolute pointlessness.

And now I understand. It’s different. This isn’t a feeling anymore. This is feeling everything, everything, real, pure. This isn’t to convince young hearts to bed.

The sadness, the wonder, the happiness and fits of laughter. I believe, deep down, that’s what terrifies me. It’s all real. For once, there isn’t some omniscient maniac behind the scenes waiting to pull the curtain down around us.

No, instead I have something I want to keep.

Something I can’t actually stand to lose.

Something I’ve talked about for years, something I’ve annoyed my friends with for days, I want real, I want honest, c’mon guys, just hear me out.

And now now one has to hear me anymore. I have to hear myself now. I want real, I want honest, c’mon babygirl, hang on to what you deserve for once.

Take a deep breath.

Open your eyes.

Look into his.

And love.


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