The Improbable, Unending Bucket List

1. To travel to France again, alone or with someone I love very much. To speak the language and walk through stone streets again. To smoke outside that cafe in Montmartre, watching artists create in the spring sunshine. To indulge in lemon crepes and espresso while browsing through the sidewalk knickknacks and photos.

2. To write. A book, a play, a novel, anything. To publish something entirely my own, my words and characters and thoughts in print. I don’t believe revenue truly matters, although that would go against everything Economics class has taught me. I would just very much like to be heard, one way or another. Thoughts deserve the company of others.

3. To read as many classics as I come across. Honors English classes have taught me the tragedy in great authors, but I believe sometimes, that’s what makes things great. I would very much like to read and find these things for myself, pick the brains of friends and lovers about Bukowski and Pearl S. Buck and Steinbeck.

4. To start a Youtube channel of music. I know the cliche. To follow along with the second idea on this list, it’s not for revenue or fame. Music has always been incredibly safe to me, like a second home. I’d like to share it. Not for me, but for someone who needs it. Creativity deserves the company of others, too, you know.

5. To eventually, with the right amount of self discipline, study the entire Bible. My faith has kept my heart guarded from too much hurt, and my God has always been with me, although for a long while I chose to ignore him. Studying the Bible- the four books I have started so far- has brought me more peace and understanding in my life than anything else I have tried.

6. To never stop learning. Libraries, computers, conversations, podcasts, anything to keep my mind from becoming complacent. I want to always have an interest in something, whether it be a name or an idea or an event in history. Learning, reading, studying, I adore finding places to lose myself in books. The best adventures are yet to come, but the ones that have been recorded already make me happy.

7. To have a pen pal. There is something about a handwritten letter that makes my heart swell. Physical communication is so dear. Taking the time to write even just a line or two means someone out there in the world cares enough for you to have that. I save every letter I’ve received in a Converse All-Star cardboard box. When I read through them, time and time again, the grin on my face is genuine. Letters to anyone are so, so important.

8. To be continued…


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