1019 Greene

There is nothing a mid-afternoon trip to Starbucks cannot cure.

A smoking buddy is always welcome but not always necessary.

The only time that matters is the time you need to leave for work.

Three AM real talks hold us together.

Speakers, headphones, iTunes, Spotify, music is going to save your life at some point or another.

Vices have a home here. So do you.

Not only will gravel travel clear your mind, it will connect you to the universe & sometimes that’s all you need.

We are the day-dreamers and the night sleepers.

Settle fights like gentlemen or don’t fight at all.

Dinner time crepes and Nutella will remind you of family.

It’s okay to miss people; you’re not alone in remembering them.

Whatever tragic past you have can’t compare to the future we are going to create.

I promise you are safe here, in a family of misfits and teenagers and losers. This is it.

This is where you belong, baby girl.




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