The Promise

What happens when you no longer see the stars in someone’s eyes?

When everything you thought you loved about them becomes a burden? When there is nothing left to love?

Baby, I have seen worlds fall apart faster than you can sign divorce papers, faster than you can block a college ex on every social media app. I have seen hearts break, tears fall, pictures deleted and memories erased.

But I have to let you know, and you have to remember this:

I have seen lost boys find their Wendy’s. I have seen wedding days and coffee dates and long drives with no direction simply because neither party can stand to go home without the other. I have seen the stars in others’ eyes. I know that anything is possible.

And baby, I promise you, I will never forget the galaxy I saw in your grey eyes. The Hubble Deep Space Field, for God’s sake, hidden within your iris. I promise you I cannot, will not, ever, lose that.

There will be bad days. There will be raging storms of nights and black holes that take more than they should. There will be words that are not love and leaving that doesn’t end in a return. I know.

But I know that I love you.

And the constellations in your eyes, the star nurseries and nebulas and pulsars, are mine to adore for as long as you’ll have me.


One thought on “The Promise

  1. I read this with one person in my mind that I watched the galaxies slowly turn into a black ice hole full of anger and hate, but never would have been able to put it into such beautifully sewn words. You’re right, you never forget that love.


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